Adaptive Ski Technologies
Ski equipment for the challenged skier

Headquarters / R & D
PO Box 1126, Sparta NJ 07871

On Mountain Testing  / Meeting Center
North Creek NY / Gore Mountain


518-55-SKIER (518-557-5437)

AST - Bringing the amazing sport of skiing to the physically and/or mentally challenged who never thought skiing would be possible
Adaptive Ski Technologies is currently developing the world’s most advanced ski equipment for the physically and/or mentally challenged person who would love to ski, and the world’s most advanced skier/boarder rescue-vehicle.
The AST17, currently in the design stage, will be the first unit ever seen that allows a fully disabled person to enjoy the great outdoor world of skiing.
There will be no need for manual intervention by the skier, just sit back and enjoy the ride. This experience will be the ultimate ski-experience as there is no need to be pushed/pulled or manually held in any way by a guide skier.

The AST17 will ski the skier safely down the mountain with the guide skier ahead just making nice turns, the AST17 just follows along.
The AST17R is the mountain rescue vehicle of the future

Target audience

Physically challenged: about any level of physical challenge, including quadriplegics, will be able to enjoy the thrill of the slopes
Mentally challenged: target audience includes those with Autism, Down Syndrome and others in which learning to ski and/or enjoying skiing, is currently thought of as just not possible
Rescue-operations: the specially designed AST17R will get a potentially spinal-cord injured skier/boarder down the mountain while keeping the injured perfectly horizontal at all times; not head-downhill (when all is going right) as with the current toboggan technology (not sure what century it was actually invented, probably BC). Additionally, the AST17R will guide itself down the mountain following an AST17R trained ski patroller while a second (trailing) patroller continually monitors downhill safety. The AST17R is a self-contained emergency-vessel equipped with O2, defibrillator, and other equipment tbd by our ER doc consultant

Adaptive Ski Technologies is utilizing a dual-patent technology to achieve something that has never been done, allowing a quadriplegic-skier to ski ‘manually unassisted’, as well as giving the paraplegic-skier or those with mental-impairment, whose disability may be beyond what the current technology allows, the joy and thrill of skiing that may have seemed completely out of reach.

Patent 1) Stabilizes a pair of skis allowing them to ‘adapt’ to the terrain protecting the skier from unwanted bumps, jolts, and flipping over, while controlling and allowing skis to turn the way a ski is made to turn, by putting it on its edge and applying pressure
Patent 2) Stabilizes the ski-sled with the same gyroscopic technology used in large watercraft which prevents the ski-sled from flipping and injuring the skier.
Patent 3) Pending, sorry, can’t talk about that as yet.

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This website will be updated soon, last update 1/20/2011.


AST17 project gets a real boost - Sponsors

Adaptive Ski Technologies is in the design stage of the cutting-edge AST17 unit. This project, which is nothing short of an engineering-marvel, is gaining momentum quickly; and we cannot thank our new sponsors enough for sharing our vision and doing their part to help this come true. Thanks Icelantic for skis and JonesCAM for video systems.


Why we chose Icelantic skis for the AST17 and AST17R...
and were we thrilled when they said “YES”
Icelantic is now the OFFICIAL SKI SUPPLIER to the AST17 project

Our chief designer, Dan, has been demoing skis of many sizes and styles, from long (186cm) ‘rockers’ to all mountain/park skis, racing skis, and more. When he skied the Icelantic Pilgrim he knew right away that Icelantic was on to something, the exact flex and reaction he is looking for. “The Pilgrim has just the feel I am looking for as it reacted to the applied tip/shovel pressure the way I need the skis to react - FAST and SMOOTH”. The Pilgrim made perfectly smooth rounded, yet sharp, turns better than any ski Dan tested that also met the width requirements we need. Not only did the Icelantic ski perfectly, we believe a skier with a disability should have the most artsy skis on the hill, and no one beats Icelantic for that either!! Icelantic’s head artist, Travis Parr, will also be doing the artwork for the ‘skier’s sled’. We can’t wait to see what that will look like!! (click logo above for the Icelantic website)

Why we chose JonesCAM cameras for the AST17 and AST17R...
and were we thrilled when they said “YES”
JonesCAM is now the OFFICIAL CAMERA SUPPLIER to the AST17 project

Our chief designer, Dan, practically invented the concept of helmet ‘cams’. His first design, in 1978, was a motorcycle helmet mounted 2-pound super-8 movie camera with an air-line running down his sleeve to a squeeze-ball trigger in his mitten. JonesCAM’s Ion HD Advantage weighs just over an ounce. Dan is rigging a Giro G10 helmet with (3) 135degree JonesCAM cameras which will provide a full 360-degree video of the on-mountain product testing. The final AST17 unit will be equipped with the same 360-degree filming ability giving our skiers the most outrageous ski video they could possibly go home with. Thanks JonesCAM for the cameras and the assistance they are providing in the specialized mounting systems we require. (click logo above for the JonesCAM website). Future technology will allow cameras mounted on the AST17R to directly broadcast live images from an on-hill injury location directly to ER docs monitoring the situation.